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Top 10 Abstracts 2019-03-19T14:45:49+00:00

Top 10 Abstracts

Abstract No. Poster Board # Full Name Abstract Title
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SG-iSRRS1025 P-01 Richard Chalwin Reasons for repeat Rapid Response Team calls, and associations with in-hospital mortality
SG-iSRRS1068 P-02 Joanna Phone Ko Bringing Critical Care to the wards – the SMART way
SG-iSRRS1072 P-03 Deepak Bhonagiri The impact of “Between the Flags” (BTF), a two tier rapid response system  on the rate of cardiac arrest (CA) admissions to ICU
SG-iSRRS1077 P-04 Hiromu Naraba Prognostic predictors of patients received intervention by medical emergency team
SG-iSRRS1081 P-05 Takaki Effectiveness of Early Warning Score for Predicting the Risk of In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Japan.  – A Pilot Study –
SG-iSRRS1082 P-06 Morten Bo Foens-Soenderskov Patients seen by MET, with an early warning score above 6 have a better chance of survival when admitted to higher level of care
SG-iSRRS1085 P-07 Huong-Tram Duran Qualitative Word Cloud Analysis of Healthcare System Safety Themes Identified Though Mock Code Simulations
SG-iSRRS1086 P-08 Dong Kyu Oh The role of active screening by rapid response team for patients admitting to general ward: data from Korean nationalwide multicenter study for rapid response systems
SG-iSRRS1108 P-09 Hermione Poh Text Mining of Clinical Progress Notes to Predict Future Onset of Sepsis in Hospitalized Patients
SG-iSRRS1109 P-10 Ryo Ueno Additional Value of Laboratory Results for a Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Single-Center Retrospective Cohort Study